Career History

Dr Barrie Charles

Here is a summary of my career for anyone interested.

Particle Physicist 1968-72

After graduating with a B.Sc. in Physics from Bristol University, I worked on an experiment at the particle accelerator at the Rutherford Laboratory in Oxfordshire.  I received my PhD for this research in 1972.

Software Engineer and Software Project Manager 1972-79

I moved into programming and worked for a systems integrator in Sydney, Australia, back in the UK with Rutherford Laboratory, and finally spent 3 years at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

Network Development Manager 1979-84

I was a founding member of the Joint Network Team which was set up by the Department of Education and Science to manage the development of networking within and between UK universities and research institutes. The network established was recognised to have a world lead and is the forerunner of the Internet in the UK.

Marketing Manager 1984-94

I was head-hunted by Digital Equipment Company, the world's second largest computer company at the time.  Initially I looked after the UK Education market for the company, before moving to take charge of marketing for the company's workstations and lastly for systems integration services.

Marketing and Product Manager 1994-99

In 1994 I moved to take charge of the marketing for a medium-sized training company, QA Training.  I grew with the company, finally taking responsibility for the companies product portfolio and managing a group with 30 staff.

Journalist and Marketing Consultant 1999-2007

After QA Training, I worked as a part-time independent marketing consultant for e-learning and young training companies, and as a freelance journalist for IT Training magazine and other publications.

Historical Researcher and Author 2000-

A lot of the rest of my time was spent in historical research, firstly for my own family history, and then researching the ancestors of others and the history of various houses.  I published my first novel in 2006, followed by a biography of my great grandfather in 2007.  My third book, 'Kill the Queen!', came out in May 2012.  Since then I have published four books, all concerning different historical aspects of Cholsey, the village where I live.

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