Below you will find links to the places where you can buy any of my books.

Cholsey in World War II normally costs £8.99 and is available at Wallingford Bookshop and orderable from other high street booksellers and on-line.  It is also available from  For an introductory period those local to Cholsey can also buy the book at the special price of £7 in the Community Library and at Clippers Hairdressing in the centre of the village.

ISBN 978-1-446-71365-5


The Bells and Ringers of Cholsey Church costs from £6.99 and can be ordered from both high street booksellers and on-line, including from Amazon and

ISBN 978-0-244-44393-1

Crime and Calamity costs from £11.99 and  is available to order from both high street booksellers and on-line.

ISBN 978-1-291-29571-9.

It is available from Amazon as a Kindle edition as well as in print.  For those local to Cholsey, print copies can be obtained for £11.99 by emailing the author.


Cholsey's Great War Dead is priced at £4.99 and only available from where books can be ordered online for home delivery.

The Lucky Queen is published by Amberley, RRP £9.99.  It is available from both high street booksellers and on-line.

ISBN 978-1-4456-4369-4.


This book is only available through, price £6.99.

Karma and the Helpful Hand is only available to order through, price £7.99.