Cholsey's Great War Dead

Cholsey's Great War Dead provides the information for the village's centenary remembrance of that terrible war.  For each of the fallen in the period 1914-18, a remembrance ceremony is held exactly 100 years later.

The research for Crime and Calamity in Cholsey: Life in a Berkshire Village 1819-1919, provided a lot of information about the Great War dead immortalised in the memorial in St Mary’s church.  Not all of the names made it into the published book, but I thought the information would be of interest to village historians and those involved in the annual Armistice Day remembrance services.

I have identified most of the names with little chance of ambiguity, but there are a few where I have been unable to find a suitable person with a connection to Cholsey.  All 41 names are listed in the book, and I have marked the six who remain to be identified.  Note that there is also a roll of honour in the Free Church, which has 34 of the same names, but five of the unknowns are not listed (Broadbridge, Chapman, Giles, Harwood and Marshall) and the two Hansens are missing.  A third memorial plaque, which now resides in the New Pavilion, has all 41 names, but mistakes have been made over some of their initials and the order is not strictly alphabetical!

In addition to these war dead, I have added a further 20 men who had a connection with Cholsey, but for some reason did not make it onto the church memorial.  They may have been born in the parish and moved away, or have parents or a spouse who ended up living in the village.  Also added are the six service patients from Fair Mile Hospital who are buried in the churchyard.

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Those included in the book

2Lt George Shrubb Abbott
Pte Alfred Abdey
L-Cpl Herbert John Abdey
Cpl Alfred Alder
Pte John Alder
Sapper Ernest Charles Henry Aldworth
F. J. Barrett
Pioneer Frank Beale
Pte Bernard James Edward Belcher
Pte Walter Blake
Pte Robert Charles Brind
A. Broadbridge
Pte Frank Rupert Butler
Pte Rowland John Butler
Pte Frederick Thomas Cato
G. Chapman
Pte Robert Clarke
Pte Albert Cook
Pte Ernest William Cook
Gunner Frederick Cordery
Pte William Deane
Pte Ernest William Dearlove
Pte George Didcock
Pte Stephen Draper
2Lt Francis Andrew Lloyd Edwards
Pte Edward Ernest Ferris
Gunner William Joseph Ferris
L-Cpl Edward Thomas Fruen
Cpl Leonard Franklin Gale
W. Giles
Signal Boy Edward Ferdinand Green
Driver Harry Greenough
Lt Carl Frederick Vilhelm Hansen
2Lt William George Hansen
H. Harwood
Pte Alfred James Hawkins
Pte Reginald Montague Griffiths Hearmon
Pte Alfred Hedges
Driver Frank Hedges
Major Richard Max Henman
Pte Henry House
Pte Walter Roland Howse
L-Cpl Edward James Hutt
Driver Albert Kimber
Pte Fred Kimber
2Lt Dudley Sidney Laurence
Capt William John Hurstwaite Leete
Rifleman Alan Love
W. G. Marshall
Pte Fred Nelson
Pte James Pearce
Pte George Reeves
Rifleman George Rumble
Cpl Vincent Elijah Saunders
Pte Albert Edward Silvester
Pte Albert Smith
L-Cpl Frank Alfred Spratley
Pte David Arthur Stocker
Guardsman Henry Hamilton Sturgess
L-Cpl Ernest James Taylor
Pte Harry Turner
Pte Charles Henry Tyrrell
L-Cpl Frederick William Vaughan
L-Bombadier Stephen Webb
Sgt Alfred Augustus Wilder
Pte Percy Augustus Witherall

Sapper Henry Francis Woodward

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